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A not-for-profit organization run by its members themselves, primarily aimed at promoting the health, well-being and enjoyment of older men in Stranraer and the surrounding areato include anyone who has time on their hands – people who are retired, between jobs and those who find it difficult to find suitable employmentto provide an informal, welcoming, safe and secure environment for all membersto provide a place of leisure where men can get together to work or chatto promote social interaction encouraging the development of a network of old and new friendsto facilitate the sharing of skills, experience and informationto facilitate the sharing of tools and resourcesto encourage self-help, helping others and the local communityto expand members’ horizons through learning new skills, technologies, hobbies , crafts and arts in an informal atmosphereto encourage members to solve each others day-to-day problems through information and adviceto promote reclamation, restoration, renovation, re-use and repairsto promote the use of the best of both old and new technologies

The Rhins Mens Shed aka Stranraer Mens Shed is a Scottish registered charity SC046393